Summerfest Parking

Summerfest Music Festival Parking

SummerfestParking’s guide to parking at Summerfest

Summerfest is the largest Music Festival in the entire world! There was an estimated 900,000 people who attended the festival last year. That number is only expected to grow. With that being said, most of those 900,000 will be from out of town. Milwaukee is going to be crowded! We specialize in parking, and we know the in’s and out’s of Milwaukee for those two weeks! Summerfest does offer parking at their three lots. Unfortunately, they are on a first come-first serve basis, so get there early! You can also drive around the city and hope to find garage or lot that has a decent price. That usually doesn’t end well as you find your self handing over $25+ for a full day. You want that money for the festival right!? So reserve your spot online and take the worry out of parking. We will tell you how!

Save $20+ On Parking at Summerfest

For those disinclined to shell out that sort of cash, reserved parking can be pre-purchased within a mile from the festival grounds for the cheapest prices you will find. We have found a lot with prices as low as $6 per day  Check out other reserved parking options at Summerfest, as well as a useful blog about Parking at Summerfest.

Parking at Henry Maier Festival Park

For $20 or $35, respectively, you can lock down preferred or exclusive parking at Henry Maier Festival Park. This is the most convenient option in terms of getting to the grounds, though it can sometimes be tricky to navigate the crowds when the show is over (on top of the obvious cost fact). For more info on preferred and exclusive parking, check out the official Summerfest Parking information site of Milwaukee.

Park and Ride

There are a number of options for those looking to park in downtown Milwaukee and take a shuttle to the festival grounds. Check out our Park and Ride page for options, and our Driving and Directions page for more info about shuttles and transportation.

Street Parking

Street parking is an option, but not a particularly good one. Even if you’re able to score a spot, it’s unlikely that you won’t become a slave to the meter, and probably won’t end up in walking distance from the festival grounds. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, there are easier ways to do it. Shell out a few bucks to park in a lot, and either walk to Henry Maier or take one of the many shuttle bus options.